Brazil Reveals Its New Talents at Annecy International Animation Film Festival

Leticia Friedrich and Rachel Do Valle de BTVP
Brazilian TV Producers (BTVP) is an international program created by the Brazilian Independant TV Producers Association (BRAVI) in partnership with APEX Brazil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and the ministry of culture. BTVP represents and promotes 200 movie companies producing different kinds of cinema.
The BTVP’s main goal is to help their members in finding partners, to develop co productions between Brazil and other countries, to sell and export Brazilian contents abroad. They co produced many TV shows with Canada, such as “My big big friend” by 2DLab, nominated at Gemini Awards 2013 and ACTRA Toronto Awards 2014.
Producers are focused on contents for television. Last time in Annecy, they presented four movies. This year, eight projects from eight different BRAVI’s members companies attended.
  • TV series (”Good Evening Martha”)
  • Feature films : ”Til Sbornia Do Us Part” ( “Até que a Sbórnia nos separe“) – directed by Otto Guerra and Ennio Torresan
  •”Lights, Animation, Action” (“Luz, anima, ação“), an Eduardo Calvet film
  • A Brazil-set version of Joseph Conrad’s ”Heart of Darkness” (“Coração das trevas“) – directed by Rogerio Nunes
  • and one graduation film, ”Animated Leak” (”Fuga Animada”) directed by Guto BR, are selected in Annecy’s competition.
They also present one long animated movie into the competition :
The Boy and the World” (”O Menino e o Mundo”) is written and directed by Ale ABREU. The story follows Cuca, a young boy from a modest family growing up in the idyllic Brazilian countryside. When his father quits the rural homestead for the city to provide for his family, Cuca embarks on a journey to find him. He will discover a fantastic world dominated by animal-machines and strange beings.
With “The Boy and the World“, Brazil took home his second Golden Crystal, the festival’s highest honor. Last year, Luiz Bolognesi received the award for “Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury“. It was the first Brazilian movie to win the award.
Animation production is increasing in Brazil, and the 10 year old BRAVI organise the Rio Content Market since 2011. The event of TV and digital content in Brazil showcases international multiplatform independant programming, encompasing broadcast, branding, animation, documentary, interactive games and television.
Besides the members of BPTV, there are also new students in the festival. Augusto Bicalo Roque (Guto BR), a 21 year old animator from Sao Paulo has his movie ‘‘Fuga Animada” competing in the Annecy Film Festival official selection this year. ”Fuga Animada” is a 3’40s short comedy showing the conflict between the animator and his character. He used mixed techniques such as hand drawn animation, pixilation, clay animation and 3D.
This self production took him 5 months to complete and won the prize of ”Best Student Film” by public choice in Non Stop Barcelona 2014. It also screened in many other festivals such as Kuki Festival 2013 in Berlin and Anima Mundi 2013 in Brazil, to which he was invited by Channel Brazil.
Guto is a part of this new generation of animators that follows up the BPTV’s work.