Brazilian TV Producers, a Decade Roaming the World

Rachel Do Valle, Executive Manager of Brazilian TV Producers, and Marco Altberg, president of the Brazilian Association of Independent TV Producers, spoke to ttv about the international project’s first ten years in business.

2014 is not just another year for Brazilian TV Producers, which is celebrating its first ten years in the business since its creation with a more than positive result, according to Executive Manager, Rachel Do Valle.

“Brazilian TV producers is the international project by the Brazilian Association of Independent TV Producers. It was created by the Association in partnership with Apex Brazil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, and the Ministry of Culture,” she said.

“The project was a door for independent producers in Brazil to step into the international market and work with other networks and countries, making co-productions,” she added.

Marco Altberg, President of the Brazilian Association of Independent TV Producers said the international project is very important and has made notable progress thus far.

“The Brazilian Association of Independent TV Producers started 15 years ago and today we have 440 companies associated from all over the country. International presence is very important. Ten years ago we didn’t have a market for independent TV producers. It was more for movies and the channels themselves,” he added.

Now, ten years later, Brazilian products are known worldwide, with a diversity in genres that go beyond telenovelas.

Altberg believes the new laws in Brazil also made a big difference, as well as the new mechanisms created for production and financing, both national and regional.

“The project was a tremendous success: today Brazil works closely with Canada, France and is about to start with the UK through a co-production treaty that has to be approved by the Brazilian government,” Do Valle said. They’re also working on a similar deal with South Africa.

“Now, co-productions, projects in Brazil, leave the country and come back with international success, which is good. Animation and documentaries do very well, and now also fiction series,” she said.

Another big genre is formats, which are growing non-stop and hopefully will grow even further following the deal with the UK.

As part of the experience gained these 10 years, there’s also the RioContentMarket, a market that started as a small project and is now a reference in Latin America.

Fonte: TTV News